Friday, April 17, 2009

Amazo has better fashion instincts than I do

I never thought I'd say that of a guy who spends most days dressed only in a pair of green pants with darker green horizontal stripes, matching wristbands, and what looks like a bathing cap that's a few sizes too small for his head, but check out this image, yoinked from one of the activity pages of this week's Super Friends.

If someone—say, Professor Ivo—were to say to me, "Hey Caleb, pick out a pair of extremely tight pants in whatever color you like, and make sure they match anything." Well, I'd probably pick out a pair of black pants, because black goes with everything, right?

Well, Amazo went with brown pants and you've gotta admit, they go pretty well with the rest of his outfit. And when the rest of an outfit consists of Batman's cowl, Superman's cape, Aquaman's shirt, a glove each from Flash and Batman, and a boot each from Wonder Woman and Superman, well, that's no mean feat.

Looking good Amazo! You should really consider wearing outfits like this more often.


Mariano Abrach said...

Totally loved that image of Amazo!!! Really cool.

Jayunderscorezero said...

The big problem is that one Flash earpiece, which kind of leaves the whole thing lopsided.

SallyP said...

Oh, he definitely should have picked black pants. That's one reason why the Green Lanterns all look so good.

Dean said...

Amazo should dress like that all of the time.