Saturday, April 04, 2009

Because Brian Andersen demanded it—The So Super Duper/Every Day Is Like Wednesday crossover!

As many of you are probably already aware,, my Internet home away from home, has been serializing Brian Andersen's comic So Super Duper a couple of pages a week. And as some you are likely also aware, last summer Brian asked me to do a back-up strip for an issue of So Super Duper, in the style of the strips I was doing here on EDILW. You know, hastily drawn, poorly-lettered gag strips done on index cards with colored pencils and usually dealing with me interacting with superheroes.

So I sent Brian a 14-panel strip about Caleb interviewing for a position with the super-team in So Super Duper, The Amazin'naughts. At the time Brian encouraged me to also run it here, but I figured I'd wait a while, in case anyone wanted to buy So Super Duper #5 just for the back-up—I'm sorry, co-feature, as Dan DiDio prefers.

Well, it's been a while.

Since Blog@'s been serializing So Super Duper, and since I don't have anything much to post here today (you can check out Blog@ for a review of The Bun Field, though, if you're hard-up for Caleb writing to read).

If you aren't following So Super Duper, I think it should still be easy enough to follow. Halo is, like, Psyche's mortal enemy, despite the fact that they are teammates, if that helps. Well, maybe not enemy so much as the queen bee of the Amazin'naughts clique, to use a Mean Girls term. You can learn more about the Amazin'naughts here.


SallyP said...

It HAD to be done.

Tee hee!

Hdefined said...

I've never read Brian Andersen's comics, but I know from Best Shots that he's an awful reviewer.