Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas...

Yeah, what Sparkle said!

Just FYI, I have a brief review of the second volume of Ross Campbell's Shadoweyes series, Shadoweyes In Love, in this week's issue of Las Vegas Weekly. You can read it here.

I went on a little too long, as I tend to do, so here's the bit that got cut off at the end for space: "In a moribund genre that tends towards uniformity, Shadoweyes sticks out like a gorgeous but gnarled sore thumb."

That moribund genre is, of course, the superhero genre, and I think anyone who likes that genre and thinks an awful lot about it will find some pretty compelling questions in this series, and this volume in particular, especially on the question of violence and vigilantes executing their enemies as opposed to beating them up or leaving them for the police. Like, if you've ever offered an opinion about whether Batman should kill the Joker or Spider-Man the Green Goblin, for example, there's some scenes in here that might call those opinions into question.

It's remarkably strong stuff. And, you know, it's also awesome in the way you'd expect a Ross Campbell superhero comic to be.

Plus, more Pony Master:

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Sophie said...

damn, that last sentence they cut out is kind of crucial! after reading the review i was like "did he like it...? i think he liked it..." haha. it sounded like you liked it but 3.5 stars is also kind of ambiguous so i didn't know what to think, heh. anyway, i'm really glad you dug the book, thanks so much, man. :)