Sunday, January 21, 2018


While one can't tell simply by looking at the above image--although the long, flexible neck is certainly a clue--the character riding in the Batmobile passenger seat next to Batman is Plastic Man. In "Double Cross," the twenty-third episode of Justice League Action, Batman has Plas use his shape-changing abilities to disguise himself as Two-Face, in order to draw an assassin away from the real Two-Face and into a Justice League trap.

Thrilled to be working with Batman, Plas delivers the above line, which reveals for the first time that Plastic Man's mom--and therefore perhaps even Plastic Man himself!--is from Ashtabula.

Ashtabula, as you may know, is a city in northeast Ohio on the coast of Lake Erie. It is also my hometown, the place I was born, raised and spent the first, oh, 20-22 years of my life in.

So Jack Cole's Plastic Man, one of my favorite superheroes, is perhaps from Ashtabula, my very own hometown. Is this canon now? Yeah, let's just go ahead and declare this canon now.

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