Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Brutal Violence of Plastic Man

Considering how long DC has been portraying Plastic Man as the Justice League's court jester now, it can be somewhat surprising to revisit his original Golden Age adventures and see just how incredibly violent they were.

For example:

Child abuse!

Child abuser abuse!

Bad guys dying in creatively savage ways!

More bad guys dying in creatively savage ways!

Children seemingly drowning!


More child abuse!

More child abuser abuse!

Even more surprising? All of those panels are from the same 15-page story (In 1943'sPolice Comics #22, by Jack Cole). Man, Geoff Johns only wishes he could figure out a way to have one man's neck get snapped in a bear trap and another man's jugular vein ripped open by a dying man's bare teeth in a single superhero story!

But don't worry, after all this brutal violence and dark subject matter, the story manages to end happily:


Matthew said...

It's like Civil War, but with more political commentary.

rachelle said...

Holy smokes! Those are some amazing panels! Plastic Man is pumping that dude full of GASOLINE! Brutal! And expensive!