Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wonder Woman Wednesdays: The Exotic Exclamations of Steve Trevor

Great Caesar's Ghost. Holy Moley. By the Vishanti. Great Scott. Suffering Sappho.

Some comic book characters have their own personal expressions of shock or dismay that are so catchy and memorable that the expressions have become signature phrases over the years.

Steve Trevor is not one of those characters.


Michael May said...

What? You don't like "Ye gods and little fishballs?" I'm using that every chance I get now.

Harris said...

Damn, I can't decide which I like better: Great Hounds of Hades or Great Calamity Kittnes.

Harris said...

Or Kittens, even.

Caleb said...

I lost one somewhere between the scanner and my blog too. I believe it was "Suffering rabbits!"