Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Shadow of the 'Cat

It's Friday night in Blogsville, and you know what that means, right?


You did click on the above images to make them Bahlactus-sized, right?

And because it seems unjust to scan from a Cameron Stewart drawn comic book featuring Ted Grant and not also scan an image of him in his cat suit, here are a few panels of Wildcat and Catwoman beating up some swarthy, scimitar-wielding bad guys:

(Both above squences are from 2003's Catwoman #20 by Ed Brubaker and Cameron Stewart, published by DC Comics. Check it out for plenty more pages of a cute girl in sportswear boxing and people dressed like cats kicking the crap out of theives, or, better yet, buy the trade, Catwoman: Wild Ride. The Stargirl image is from the same place as the the last Stargirl image.)

1 comment:

Captain Infinity said...

Holly should have totally been set up as the new Wildcat instead of Ted's out of nowhere illegitimate son.

Ted and Holly as a pair of Wildcats would have totally rocked.