Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Mothman.

The above image is the cover of Mothman (Kidaven Press; 2010) by Q.L. Pearce, part of the a "Mysterious Encounters" series for young readers (the slim hardcover is 48 pages long, consisting of four chapters, with big words like "conspiracy" and "prophecies" and "okapi" in bold, with a glossary at the end defining them. The interior images are limited to a low-angle photo of the statue of Mothman in Gunn Park in Point Pleasant, and a goofy-looking rubber model from the Mothman museum.

The cover image is the only original illustration of the subject, given a ginger bread man-like trunk and legs, big black insect-like wings that are as dark and solid as the creatures body, and shining red eyes that seem to either be reflecting the light of the headlights or being lit from within. The figure blends in to the shadows surrounding it so well, you have to kind of tilt the cover a bit here and there to see the details, although the scanner makes the image a lot more clear than it appears in person.

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