Thursday, January 12, 2012

I learned something about Youngblood this week.

I learned a bit more about Rob Liefeld's Youngblood this week, as I prepared to read and write about Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell's Glory #23 (a piece you can read at Robot 6 by clicking here).

For example, do you see that guy on the Youngblood cover above, to the left of the guy with the arrows? Do you know what his name is? I would have guessed Othello, or Black And White Cookie Man, or The Line or, more likely, Hardline.

But I would have guessed wrong.

His name is actually Die Hard. Yes! Die Hard. In 1992, four years after the release of the film Die Hard, Rob Liefeld named a character after it!

Who are the other five members of Youngblood pictured on the cover of #1? Road House, Predator, Point Break, Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout? Ha ha ha ha! (My apologies to anyone who made that joke 20 years ago; I'm new to Liefeld's oeuvre).

Anyway, there's a post about the new Glory over at Robot 6. How many words can I spend to simply say "This is pretty interesting" and "I like this okay"...? Click on over to find out!

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Diabolu Frank said...

From left to right:
Guy named after Bruce Willis movie.
Guy named after '60s TV show.
Guy named after cartoon city.
Guy named after place where people marry.
Girl named after Madonna song/magazine.
Guy named after '70s Blaxploitation hit.

Blind Date!

Those answers are not correct, as evidenced by their being polysyllabic. Close, though.