Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meanwhile, at this other place I'm writing about comics for now...

You know what makes Carl Barks a genius? It's not just that he has Scrooge McDuck so opposed to the idea of parting with any money that he would answer the door to what he thinks is someone asking for Christmas charity with a cannon, he then has Scrooge remark to himself what a waste it would be (match, gunpowder, cannonball) to have fired it in error.

Anyway, that's from "A Christmas For Shacktown," the title story in Fantagraphics' second Donald Duck volume in their Complete Carl Barks Library series. I wrote a review of it for School Library Journal's Good Comics For Kids blog, which I am not contributing to (my first contribution was actually a few suggestions in this holiday comics roundtable at the end of last week).

To read my review of Donald Duck: A Christmas For Shacktown, you can click here.

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