Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Apparently, Batman is the most delicious.

My father recently purchased these adorable little toy cars for my 10-month-old nephew, who doesn't realize just how lucky he is. I had to wait until I was in grade school until I had access to toys based on DC's superheroes!

So far, he doesn't seem too terribly interested in discussing superheroes with me. He doesn't even make eye contact when I try to explain to him how silly it is for Superman to drive a car, since Superman can fly (And I don't think it's not just because my nephew's a baby; my father is just as disinterested in my correcting him every time he refers to Green Lantern as Green Arrow or The Riddler).

At this point, my nephew mainly just sucks on their heads.

Batman is his favorite, but I'm assuming that he's basing his preference on the fact that maybe the black plastic tastes the best, or that perhaps Batman's slightly-pointed bat-ears feel more soothing against his teething gums than the plastic, round heads of hair on the other guys.


Anonymous said...

What you call phoning in, I call some of the best updates.

I miss your comicking, though. You still at it?

Akilles said...

Maybe Batman tastes like maple syrup.

Mistaking Green Lantern for Green arrow is funny. Mistaking him for Riddler even more so.

SallyP said...

Super Heroes are just delicious.

Dean said...

Who amongst us wouldn't suck on Batman's head, given the opportunity?