Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Man was never meant to read so many superhero comics in a single day.

Despite reading comic books and writing about comic books almost every second of the day that I wasn't at work at my day job, I've got nothing to post here at EDILW tonight. Unless you count a post saying that I don't have a post, which I guess technically is a post. But! I should have almost 9,000 (Nine-thousand!) words about a whole bunch of comics, including some of the best I've read so far this year and some of the worst I've read in a while, appearing in a couple of different places tomorrow. So, um, if you came here looking for hundreds of words about comics, just be patient; soon I will give you more hundreds of words about comics than you could possibly withstand!

Also, I went to the comic shop today, bought a couple of comics and read those too, but my eyes, fingers and soul hurt too much to talk about them here tonight, so maybe expect an installment of "Comic Shop Comics" on Friday  night...?

Above is an image from Brian Ralph's Reggie-13, of a mad scientist piloting a giant ape he built controls directly into the brain of. I think that is a legitimately cool idea, and if Ralph was the first person to use it in a comic or cartoon, than I'm surprised. 

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