Thursday, April 30, 2015


I have a review of the handsome new collection of Johnny Ryan's Angry Youth Comix in Las Vegas Weekly this week. It's a really well-designed book, of the sort everyone should have on their bookshelves...not with their graphic novels, but with their fancy-schmancy literary volumes, so as to encourage visitors to pull it out, flip through it and contort their faces in confused horror.

That's it, Surfer! Make him cry!
Also in this week's LVW, I suggested a trio of Avengers comics Marvel Studios might want to borrow their titles from for future Avengers films, should they start running out of ideas when it comes time to start work on a fifth Avengers film (Fingers crossed for Defenders War!)

Because YOU demanded it! Mike Allred draws Bloodwynd!
I have a review of sorts on Multiversity #2, Convergence #4 and its attendant tie-ins and Justice League #40, all of which were released this week and all of which, oddly enough, deal with DC's ever-changing Multiverse, at Robot 6 this week.

EDILW favorite Steve Mannion, drawing the best Olive ever.
I took a look at some of my favorite of the always awesome variant covers IDW commissions for their Popeye Classic Comics series at Comics Alliance, in that goofy, click-bait gallery format that users of the Internet probably all totally love to use.

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