Thursday, March 02, 2017

I'm torn between laughing and sighing, honestly.

In this week's Cyborg #10, writer John Semper Jr. and artists Will Conrad and Szymon Kudranski introduce a pretty neat new villain with a neat power/gimmick, The Rat Lord. They also introduce a new Detroit-based superhero who calls herself The Black Narcissus. She has a variety of high-tech weaponry, including a hoverboard, which is, of course, just another word for "flying skateboard."

This new character is black.

I should note that this was the first issue of Cyborg I've bothered to read since the Rebirth special, and is one of the better of the handful of issues of his solo comics I've read since DC launched and then re-launched a Cyborg ongoing monthly in the last few years.

That said, seeing a back superhero with a high-tech skateboard can't help but bring to mind the late, great Dawyne McDuffie's infamous Marvel proposal for Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers.

Maybe Semper and company should have considered giving this new hero a jet-pack or rocket-boots instead...?

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