Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Greatest Captain Marvel Covers Ever (Pt. 2)

Members of the first generation of superheroes seemingly coming into serious conflict with their own supporting characters on the covers of their comics really isn’t all that unusual. Heck, Superman seemingly spent most of the Silver Age warring with Lois and Jimmy.

But Captain Marvel and Tawky Tawny seem to have taken their feud pretty far here, dueling with pistols at dawn.

At first, seeing the world’s mightiest mortal consenting to such a seemingly fair, sportsmanlike contest to resolve his differences with his friend-turned-rival Tawny would appear to be rather noble of him.

After all, while Tawny is a tiger (and has a reputation for being pretty hardcore), Captain Marvel is as fast as Mercury and as strong as Hercules. He could totally tear Tawny apart with his bare hands before the bipedal quadraped could even roll up his checkered sleeves if he really wanted to kill him, right?

Of course, they’re dueling with pistols, which were created specifically for use by human beings. Tawny’s fat, tiger paws won’t work the trigger as deftly as Cap’s finger. And, if Tawny’s tiger reflexes should somehow get a shot off before the super-fast captain, the bullet would bounce harmlessly off of his invulnerable chest. Tawny, whose only power is the ability to talk and dress nattily, wouldn’t be so fortunate should he take a bullet. So while it may look like a fair fight, Tawny will be trading dueling stories with Alexander Hamilton faster than you can say "Shazam!"

Devilishly clever, Captain; devilishly clever. Truly you have the wisdom of Solomon.

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