Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tiny Titans gets an A+

This week's issue of Art Baltazar and Franco's Tiny Titans was just as fun, funny and incredbily cute as all of those issues that have preceded it.

The opening story was about the various Titans going to the principal's office with their guardians to get their report cards. All it consists of is a sequence of the same panel composition over and over, with different characters in each one, and a different obvious joke in each panel.

Here's the last page of the story, featuring the Tiny Titans debut of the Terror Titans:

I used to think that Wildebeest or Kid Devil was the cutest Tiny Titan, but man, how do you compete with Li'l Barda?

It was interesting to see what adult superhero (or villain) accompanied each tiny Titan, as many of them aren't sidekicks like Robin or Aqualad and thus don't have an obvious mentor.

Who, for example, is raising Blue Beetle? Ted Kord? Dan Garrett?

Even better:

I was really skeptical of this title when it was originally announced, as its stars are starring concurrently in such adult-oriented books as Titans and Teen Titans, but eight issues in, I think Baltazar and Franco have each earned an A+.


Talkin Bout Comics said...

Earlier today as I was picking up my comics I asked if I could put back the copy of DC Special: Cyborg that was in my box. I said it then. The only good titans right now are the tiny ones. It makes me sad, but that's how it is.

What doesn't make me sad is a charming and cute title that is nothing but fun and is just as fun for me to read as it is for my kids. I am so impressed by Baltazar and Franco's work in general. I just recently picked up Patrick the Wolf Boy for the first time recently, and it is just more of the same cute and funny all-ages perfection.

mordicai said...

i hope these get collected in a trade.

SallyP said...

It's true, I'll take these Titans over ANY of the other Titan books.

Eyz said...

Oh man, gotta love the super-cute Lil' Barda :D