Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ant-Man, The Wasp and...Mothman?

In the second issue of Tim Seeley's 2011 Marvel miniseries Ant-Man & Wasp (which I discussed at some length here), the title characters journey to "The Mindscape...a pocket universe bordering the minds of scientists."

The strange space is filled with bizarre hostile creatures that attack them. Note the trio of red-eyed, face-less, arm-less winged creatures along the top of this panel: Do they look at all familiar?

Here's an artist's illustration of Mothman from Orbis Publishing's 1984 prose book about paranormal entities entitled Creatures From Elsewhere (discussed in this post from last summer): Now, was Seeley drawing those creatures to resemble that particular version of Mothman on purpose? Or did he, like the anonymous artist responsible for that Mothman, come up with the same interpretation of the mysterious creature? Or, did Mothman itself somehow communicate with Seeley while he was drawing this panel, influencing the artist to draw him into the scene, consciously or unconsciously?

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revelshade said...

No way that's a coincidence. Definitely John Keel reaching out from the great beyond.