Sunday, July 11, 2010

A few more Mothmans

This image, like the two below, were used as illustrations in the "Half man, half bird" chapter of Creatures From Elsewhere (Orbis Publishing; 1984): The book doesn't list the sources for individual images, and the image caption just reads, "Above: Mothman was said to lack any visible arms or head, to have luminous red eyes and huge wings, and to be bigger than a man." The above image is presumably a sketch based on a witness report.

Likewise, I have no idea who the artist of this illustration is, but it's one of the stronger ones I've encountered, as it manages to look scary, alien, vaguely moth-like and faithful to witness accounts: Somehow the fact that the creature is well-lit enough that we can see details on it, and see that it completely lacks all detail makes it even scarier. The little, shapely legs are kind of intriguing though; I can almost see that version of the monster dancing on them...

Finally, the chapter which includes a brief discussion of Mothman also includes a page or two on the Cornish Owlman seen in the late '70s by some English youths. The image below consists of three witnesses drawings of the creature they said they saw. Something about them, particularly the middle one, remind me of Johnny Ryan's work for some reason:

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