Friday, July 16, 2010

An open page of my sketchbook is thoroughly questioned

Niece #1, aged 7, picking up the open page of my sketchbook: Who's that?

Me, babysitting: Who's who? Oh, that's Mothman.

Who is Mothman?

He's just Mothman.

Who's this down here?

That's The Human Bomb.

What's he do?

He blows up.

Who's this person? This girl?

That's The Phantom Lady.

What's she do?

She disappears. And can turn invisible. Stuff like that.

And who's this?

That's Uncle Sam.

And what does he do?

He punches people.

What's this guy do?

He flies.

Who is he?

Black Condor.

And who's this guy?

That's another Black Condor.

What about him?

That's the Red Bee.

What's he do?

He controls bees.

And who's this guy?

You already asked. Human Bomb. Blows up.

And who's this?

The Ray.

What can he do?

He flies. And can shoot light beams.

Light beans?!

No, beams. Like beams of light. Like, PYEW! PYEW!

What are these?

Mothman's eyes.

Why are they over there?

I was just practicing drawing eyes.

Is that Yogi? [She asked, pointing at dog in upper corner; Yogi is my dog]

No, it's just a dog.

What's Mothman doing to him?

Just carrying him.

>GASP!< Mothman's got Yogi! Oh nooo...!


Jacob T. Levy said...

Is Phantom Lady preparing for the next round of the ice cream social comics?

Caleb said...

No, I was just drawing Freedom Fighters costumes to see who would be the easiest to stick in a "Twas the Night Before Wednesday drawing on Blog@:

I guess there have been some new JLA recruits since the last time I did an ice cream social (The Robinson/Bagley line-up though), so maybe next summer?