Monday, July 12, 2010

Two (city-specific) PSAs

—Do you live in or around Erie, Pennsylvania? (Huh? Do you? Raise your hand, if so). Have you not yet read the first five volumes of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series for some reason, but would like to do so before the movie opens next month? Well then, you should visit Books Galore on Peach Street ASAP. I was in the store on Saturday, and at they were having a 10% sale on the first five volumes...20% if you're a club member (i.e. if you have a pull-list there). And if you wanted to buy all five of 'em, they'd give you 20% off...30% if you're a club member. That sale lasts through September 8.

That is a very good deal on some very good comics.

The sixth volume, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, ships on Wednesday, July 20, and it's going to be like Christmas. If Christmas came once a decade.

—Do you live in or around Columbus, Ohio? (Don't lie; I know many of you do). Or are within driving distance, if you've got a good enough reason to visit Columbus, Ohio? Because there are some pretty neat comics-related events on the horizon.

On October 16, Life in Hell cartoonist turned television producer/Simpsons empire emperor Matt Groeining will visit Mershon Auditorium for a free discussion on his career and his work, with television writer/cartoonist Tom Gammill. More info on that event here.

Then, the very next night, on October 17, Art freaking Spiegelman will give a presentation at Mershon. This one will cost $6; Wex members can start buying tickets now, while others will have to wait until September. More info on Spiegelman's visit can be found here.

Spiegelman's visit is being co-sponsored by the newly renamed Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum's Festival of Cartoon Art. As usual, the Festival looks like it will be pretty awesome. You can learn more about it here, including the jaw-dropping line-up of presenters (Yes! My jaw literally dropped!) and details on how to register.

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