Thursday, July 08, 2010

Scientific newspaper is apparently written by scientists rather than journalists

Because that would certainly explain the state of their March 21, 1967 front page.

(From "Thunderbolt's Secret Weapon" in 1967's House of Mystery #170, written by Dave Wood and drawn by Jim Mooney. It was recently collected in Showcase Presents: Dial H For Hero, from which this scan was taken).


Sea-of-Green said...

There's some truth to that. Nothing is harder to edit than medical text -- precisely BECAUSE it's usually written by medical professionals, especially doctors. The average doctor can't write his or her way out of a paper bag, sadly. :-( And, unfortunately, most journalists aren't knowledgeable enough about the topic to do the writing themselves -- unless they're specifically trained as medical journalists.

suckiemcsuck said...

The new Red Bee looks just like The Wasp to me.