Friday, July 16, 2010

Affection for the superhero concept: Fully restored

Perhaps inspired by briefly hearing the names and powers of some of The Freedom Fighters, Niece #1 created her own superheroes today, each of which is the superheroic identity of a young, female relative of mine (Niece #1, her sister, a cousin and my littlest sisters).

Who are these super-girls? And what are there abilities and modes of transportation? Niece #1 explained them all to us after she finished coloring in their costumes.

Flower Power: Flower Power, seen standing on grass she made grow in the above group shot, has the power to shoot flowers at people and to make giant flowers grow. She rides around on a giant flower that she makes grow super fast in the direction of wherever she needs to go.

Peace Sign: She throws peace signs at people that can cut them in half. "Wait," I asked for clarification, "she throws peace signs that cut people in half?" Yes, that is her super-power. Not very peaceful, if you ask me. She has a peace sign car, which is not drawn, but I imagine is a Volkswagon bus.

Lamb Girl: She is, of course, the one in the above image pictured with a lamb on a leash. Her sidekick is, apparently, a lamb. Her superpower is the ability "to control all of the lambs in the world," and she travels around by controlling a stampede of lambs to carry her wherever she needs to go. She might not sound like a formidable superhero, but I imagine she's more powerful than Chinchilla girl (not pictured, as she was invented later), who has the power to control all the chinchillas in the world. Please note that her icon is a lamb's head.

Shooting Star: She's clothed an awful lot like Supergirl, although Niece #1 probably hasn't been exposed to images of Supergirl (her sister, Niece #2, did dress up as Supergirl one year for Halloween, but her store-bought costume was a pink and silver version of Supergirl's Silver Age costume). Shooting Star's name reveals her powers: She can fly as fast as a shooting star, and she can shoot shooting stars from her hands.

Sea Girl: Finally, on the far right, pictured standing on the surface of shark-infested water is, is Sea Girl. She has the power to control all sea creatures—even sharks! Which can tell to bite people!—and is the fastest swimmer in the world. Her icon is an orange, fish-shaped symbol...which looks an awful lot like the type of cracker Niece #1 was served at lunch.

Other superheroes created this afternoon, but drawn on a separate, un-scanned piece of paper, include the Gymnastics Girl, whose costume consists of a gymnastics leotard and cape and whose power is that she's really good at gymnastics, and Ice Breaker (aka Ice Girl), who can break ice and freeze things in ice. She wears a light blue skirt and tunic with a cape and ice skates, and has an ice cube symbol on her chest. She uses her power mainly to break ice for whales that are trying to swim around northern, frozen waters, and thus presumably has a lot of team-ups with Sea Girl, Whale Girl and Orca Girl, Niece #1's other oceanic heroines.

Finally, here's a "jam piece" she and I did of our dogs as superheroes (I drew the two dogs on the right, and she drew the accessories and the dog on left):

If you're curious about their powers, star and peace sign powers are the same as those previously discussed. And heart powers? "She can use the sharp part at the bottom of the heart to poke people," I was told.


LurkerWithout said...

This has given me hope that the future of super-comics won't be a bottomless pit of suck. Obviously DC and Marvel and need to take a lesson from the webcomic sensation Axecop and just hire a bunch of pre-teens to write stories for them...

Josue said...

For a second I imagined what nightmare would´ve been if Geoff Johns could write about them, specially (zombie) lamb girl.

Greg said...

Sweet Jeebus, Peace Sign is awesome. This team needs their own book, stat!!!!

(As an aside, I've been reading several late 1990s DC comics recently. You were quite the letterhack weren't you?)

Jacob T. Levy said...

"She throws peace signs at people that can cut them in half."

I would pay good money to see this.

Anonymous said...

This kind of making up superheroes is quite in vogue now, right? I mean, Lamb Girl sounds silly until you consider there are like, MILLIONS of lambs in the world, and she controls all of them.

Evan said...

I absolutely *adore* this!