Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here are some rather poor sketches of some rather pretty girls.


I just recently completed the process of moving out of my ancestral home for, like, the fourth time since I've went away to college, and into a new apartment. Part of that process involved cleaning and de-Calebifying the most heavily Caleb-ed parts of my ancestral home, including the room I referred to as my "office," which was basically just a pile of comics and art supplies and sketches and notes emanating from my drawing table that filled the entire room ankle-high or so. These images were among the detritus I've been organizing this weekend instead of blogging. So I'm just gonna post them here and count that as a Friday night/Saturday night post.

At some point before the start of the previous season of 90210 (not Beverly Hills 90210, but the current, ongoing 90210 on the CW), I decided it would be more constructive to draw while watching it for an hour a week than to not draw while watching it for an hour a week, and I thought I would do little cartoon synopses of each new episode to post on EDILW the following nights (If I weren't blogging about comics already, I very well might have ended up blogging about 90210; you could be reading Every Day Is Like Tuesday Night on The CW instead of EDILW).

In preparation, I spent an afternoon at the CW's home page, looking at the promotional photos of the cast up at the time, and drawing Rob Estes and Matt Lanter and Ryan Eggold and Shenae Grimes over and over and over again to try to get their faces right in something that landed halfway between my "style" (dots for eyes, shadows for noses, etc) and what they really look like (drawing real people in my style is pretty impossible though, since everyone looks the same with only hair and clothes and accessories to differentiate 'em).

I couldn't get any of 'em right though, and gave up on the idea by the time the season had actually started (As I recall, it had just moved to Tuesday nights at 8, putting it in direct opposition with Dancing With The Stars, and I chose to watch the latter as it occurred and the catch up with 90210 on DVD later, as Dancing was live).

Anyway, these are the only three sketches that I kept (and by "kept" I mean left in one of the piles on the floor in my office, instead of put in the recycling bin that night). They're of Jessica Lowndes/Adrianna Tate-Duncan, AnnaLynne MacCord/Naomi Clark and Jessica Stroup/Erin Silver. The Silver is the only way I don't completely hate.

And if you think those are bad, you should see what my Rob Estes looked like...sort of like if Willem DaFoe was bitten by Ray Wise, and every full moon aftewards, DaFoe turned into a Were-Ray Wise, and an police sketch artist tried to draw what DaFoe would look like during mid-transformation. That's what my Rob Estes looked like.


Ben Morse said...

Let's start a blog together where you write about 90210 and I write about Melrose Place. Every day.

Caleb said...

Sigh...if only I had more time...