Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My best guess?

So DC Comics is going to "out" a pre-existing, previously heterosexual character as a gay man in a storyline next month. As for the clues, the character will be a "major iconic" one, and will apparently be one hasn't appeared in the "New 52" books.

Well, there's no DC character more iconic than Icon, is there? It's right there in his name!


collectededitions said...

Bringing back Icon in any capacity would be nice, especially since they've used him so seamlessly in the Young Justice cartoon. In pondering what title might replace Justice League International, a reader suggested to me Shadow Cabinet; it's unlikely, but it'd be great to see DC bring in a Milestone title (aside from Static) like they've brought in various Wildstorm titles.

Diabolu Frank said...

They just had an article on Bleeding Cool about how the Ultraverse creators' 5% royalty supposedly torpedoed any hope of a revival for those characters. I'd imagine Milestone Media get their own royalties, so it's nice that they get used at all at DC.