Saturday, August 04, 2012

Every Day Is Like Wednesday's San Diego Comic-Con International 2012 Coverage

July 18-21


Akilles said...

Woohoo! Another Caleb-comic!

Isn`t it funny that most people spend Comic-con like that, but it`s not noted? Usually, that is.

So, I guess you read alot of crappy superhero-stories. I thought that you read them less than that.

David Charles Bitterbaum said...

You're days were pretty much more eventful than San Diego's Comic-Con in terms of any interesting things occurring. Besides the announcement of a a Sandman Prequel there was essentially nothing intriguing. You meanwhile, got to see a horse and enjoy quality naps. I'd say you won.

JRC, the OWL Says Who said...

I like those Shinning-like day of the week cards.
So ominous.

David Charles Bitterbaum said...

Days later I realize I should have said, "Your" days, not You're days.