Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm sure there's a reason this is the image they chose to sell a cartoon adaptation of one of the most influential comics of the 20th century.

Probably a legal reason, possibly a business reason, maybe even a personal reason.

Given the fact that Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 is a direct-to-DVD cartoon adaptation of the miniseries-turned-graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller—a genuine, bona fide, honest-to-God master of graphic imagery; one who specializes in conveying maximum information in relatively simple, icon-like imagery; and a guy who filled the comic being adapted with oft-imitated visuals that could easily be adapted or repurposed into an ad—and someone may nor may not be available to draw or re-draw something for this stupid ad, likely depending on just how insane he is at the moment (see his response to the "Occupy" movement last year) and how much money DC has to offer, I can't imagine what the reason is that they went with this shitty coloring book cover-looking image of his version of Batman and Robin in such an un-FM style for their ad.

(My apologies for the especially poor quality of the above sentence, which may be one of the worst sentences I've ever written. The punctuation's gotta be screwed up, and I would rather get punched in the face really hard than attempt to diagram it. Don't have enough time/interest in the subject to go back and write it better though, so....Sorry, gang! I'll try to write more better next time!)

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Yeah...It`s weird.

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