Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday Comics vs. New 52: Supergirl

Superpets Krypto the Superdog and Streaky the Supercat are acting out, which, given their Kryptonian super-powers, is causing all sorts of trouble for Supergirl (not to mention all sorts of property damage). She's on their tails, and trying to figure out what's making them act so squirrelly, with expert advice from the likes of Aquaman and Dr. Mid-Nite, by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.

"Meet Supergirl. She’s got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman – and none of his affection for the people of Earth. So don’t piss her off!"...by Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar.


Anonymous said...

I only picked up three instalments of Wednesday Comics-- but Allred's Metamorpho was ├╝berfun (or is that metafun?), and I remember enjoying the deuce out of Pope's Adam Strange. You're selling me on the HC collection, if that's your intention.

Akilles said...

Wow...The new 52-Supergirl is so inventive...

Maxy Barnard said...

Probably worth mentioning that the Supergirl new 52 promotional text is not only terrible but also so ridiculously off-base for what's actually a pretty nice fight comic about a foreign girl trying to find her place in a world where the only people who speak her language (at first) are a strange man claiming to be her cousin, and a clone, something considered an abomination in her world.

What I'm saying is Supergirl's actually a pretty amazing comic and this comment is weirdly long.

matthew. said...

"Meet X. He has the superpowers of an x and he isn't afraid to use them. He's angry and hardcore. He'll draw blood because desperate times call for hardcore methods. DC, the New 52: it's all about taking ourselves seriously and by that we mean violence"

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I agree with Maxy. I'm enjoying Supergirl. Aside from Action and Frankenstein, it is the only book I have continually purchased of the new 52.

Compared to many other "new" characters, Supergirl/Matrix/et. al., has been rebooted quite a few times since the late 80s with Byrne.

Caleb said...

You're selling me on the HC collection, if that's your intention.

Well, my intention was simply compare and contrast the two projects which, I think, had similar stated goals of finding the most recognizable, iconic, accessible, likable and salable versions of some of DC's best characters, putting some of the best creators on them, and trying to sell the results to curious looky-loos and lapsed readers, while satisfying existing fans.

For the most part, I think Wednesday Comics did a better job, mostly by sticking with designs that work and recruiting outside-the-box talent (granted, much of which wouldn't have been feasible on a monthly DCU book; like, I have a hard time imagining Gaiman on a New 52 Metamorpho, for example).

You SHOULD check out that collection though! I just read it, which meant I reread many of these comics for the first time. The collection includes a one-installment Plastic Man by Evan Dorkin and Stephen DeStephano (which is AWESOME) and a Creeper strip by Keith Giffen and..Eric Canete, I think? (Nice art; lame story).

Maxy and Wayne,

I've not read any of "New 52" Supergirl, which is why I just reprinted the solicitation text for the first issue instead of trying to summarize what the book's actually been about, but, I have heard it's a surprisingly decent comic that had a pretty rough first issue and then picked up considerably.

And yeah, as one of the most oft-rebooted characters, sometimes rebooted independently of the rest of the DCU, I think she's one of the few DCU characters who the reboot didn't actually harm a bit. Even the last version seemed to change her status quo with every new creator.

Akilles said...

Supergirl is an awesome comic, huh...I guess I could give it a look.