Friday, June 06, 2014

Hey, have you guys been to yet...?

Matt Frank is the artist who has been drawing IDW's latest Godzilla ongoing series, and, before that, he drew a lot of covers for the publisher's many Godzilla comics. Frank is an excellent artist of monsters of all kinds, and I've enjoyed my repeated visits to his site,, which is full of drawings of monsters, kaiju, dinosaurs, Dinobot Grimlock, a bad-ass Bowser rom Super Mario Bros and at least once pencil sketch of Wonder Woman.

And this gem:
While the creature on the right, labeled Son of Kong, is pretty self-explanatory, I'm intrigued and confused and fascinated with the creature on the left, Kongzilla, who is apparently a hybrid of the greatest monster in film history and Godzilla. Can giant Skull Island gorillas and giant, mutated Gozillasaurs mate, and produce viable offspring, despite their obvious physical differences? (Not to mention their obvious differences in size; Kong was officially 50-feet-tall, though his size changed from scene to scene based on how he was scald to different environments, while the original and smallest Godzilla was 164-feet tall, but grew bigger and bigger as the movies progressed).

And even if they could, aren't Kong and Godzilla both males...?

Well, Kong at least is male, but the Godzilla in 1998's American-made Godzilla was apparently female, having produced a bunch of baby Godzillas, and the Toho Godzilla gives me mixed signals; in Son of Godzilla, the last Godzilla movie I watched, he found (or laid prior to the start of the film, and then returned to) a giant egg, out of which hatched a baby version of himself/herself; but in the Godzilla movie I watched just prior to that, Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster, Godzilla seemed to have a crush on a native girl from Infant Island.

So I have to assume "Kongzilla" would have been created in a lab, mixing the two monsters DNA in a test tube. A very, very big test tube.

This is my second favorite image on, based solely on its total weirdness:
I'm not sure what exactly is going on here, but I assume its Godzilla and Mothra anthroporphized (she more than he) into some sort of human-scaled RPG fantasy characters...?

Oh, and I didn't "get" this one the first time I visited Frank's site, but I since realized that it's apparently his interpretation of the monster Godzilla was to fight in a never-made 1994 American Godzilla film that, in synopsis anyway, doesn't sound that bad at all:

Frank is, of course, better for more than just pin-ups, covers and concept drawings. Here's a page from Rulers of The Earth, the first volume of which includes not only an epic Zilla vs. Godzilla battle for the ages (that would be the Godzilla from the 1998 American Godzilla vs. the Godzilla from the Toho films), but this lovely meeting between Godzilla, Mothra and her larva:
Mothra larva apparently are born with an instinctual desire to bit Godzilla's tail.

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