Monday, February 05, 2018


I reviewed Papercutz's translation of French comics creators Arnaud Plumeri and Bloz's Les Dinosaures series for Good Comics For Kids the other day. The resultant four books--now entitled Dinosaurs--is far from perfect. Like so many of Paperctuz's translated works, I would personally prefer a larger size, since I have big man hands and an enfeebled, middle-aged mind, but I suppose the reduced size of what were presumably once European-sized comics are just fine for the hands, eyes and brains of children. And as I mentioned in the review, not all of the gags land, sometimes because of what seems like awkward translation--or the simple fact that humor doesn't always translate from culture to culture--and sometimes because the jokes just aren't funny. The above one, which is the climax of a strip which began with the two little green dinosaurs laughing at Carnotaurus' tiny little arms when they saw him waving at another dinosaur, isn't necessarily the best or most funny of the gags, but it's probably the one that surprised me most.

If you like comics and dinosaurs as much as I do, then you'll definitely want to check the series out.

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