Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I honestly don't see why this isn't a trade yet.

There are plenty more DC Comics-owned stories about the many characters that comprise their current shared-setting getting married or almost getting married, of course. Those are just (many of) the ones that feature the weddings or near-weddings on the covers. The recent Batman/Catwoman almost-wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity to gather a bunch of DC's wedding comics into a single trade. Or two, really. After all, if you've read more than a handful of the above comics, then you know that some of them are in-continuity stories where characters actually tie the knot and stay more-or-less married for long periods of time, whereas others are Imaginary Stories or set on alternate Earths or are little more than an interesting cover gag. So maybe a pair of wedding collections would be best, one focused on the types of stories where local witch doctor Superman seems to be forcing his pal Jimmy Olsen to marry a gorilla, or where Robin wonders what will happen to him now that Batman marries a female lady woman, and another devoted to "real" weddings, like those of Clark Kent and Lois Lane and Wally West and Linda Park.

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John Q said...

This is a great idea! I wish they'd actually do it.