Monday, July 24, 2006

Who Will Actually Be on Brad Meltzer's Justice League

The cover to Justice League of America #2—or at least one of the covers for it, as DC seems to need at least two covers for every new book these days—has been out for a while now, showing ten shapes on it. Meltzer said his League will will consist of ten characters initially. Which means that more than likely, the cover features the new members of the Justice League, we're just not positive who they are just yet. Michael Turner's expressisionistic art won't make guessing any easier, nor will the fact that DC could be cheating (by coloring that bow green instead of red, for example). But here goes anyway:


Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Wonder Woman


Black Canary

Green Arrow Connor Hawke

Black Lightning



Red Tornado

There. Check back in a few months to see if I'm right, and if so, you all owe me $1.00 a piece. Those are the rules.

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