Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

I'm a big fan of Jo Chen's art, and have particularly admired her covers for this series, as she constantly demonstrates her ability to do effective character likenesses in an organic way, so that the characters look like characters more than weird, wax models of the actors who played them. This cover really jumped off the shelf at me this week, and I couldn't help noticing that both Buffy and Willow seem awfully...big, don't they? I don't think I've ever even watched an entire episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer start to finish before, so I'm hardly an expert in these matters, but the I'm familiar enough with the actresses who played the characters on the show that these images look a little...exaggerated to me. Well, a little exaggerated in Buffy's case; really exaggerated in Willow's.


Hdefined said...

The only exaggerations I see is that their waists/stomach areas are too thin/narrow. But just a little.

Their breasts don't look that exaggerated or disproportionate. And why can't you write "breasts"?

grifter said...

their upper bodies up to their heads do seem a lot bigger in proportion to their waists and thereabouts.

yes, Alyson Hannigan doesn't seem that ... chesty.

Anonymous said...

Chen's been drawing the women with bigger bosoms than the real-world actresses all the way through.

Earlofthercs said...

Well to be fair, Willow Rosenberg isn't Alyson Hannigan. Alyson is an actress. Willow, while happening to look an aweful lot like Hannigan, is one of the most powerful witches in her reality and if she wants to give herself a slight magical enhancement, (in what will I guess forever be known as `oding an Atom Eve' in comicbook circles) then who are we to stop her.

(likewise Buffy has superstength, rapid healing and a level of fitness beyond our ken caused by ancient demon powered magic that Sara MGP does not have. Which might make her more pert than her `real world' doppleganger).

I probably gave this more thought than the post deserved.

Anonymous said...

I think the actual problem in this case isn't the breasts. The torsos are horribly out of proportion to the head, being too narrow and much too long. The waist is tiny. The spindly, stretched bodies are making the bust appear proportionately huge by comparison. If you put a hand up, and cover everything below the chest line, the busts actually look okay.