Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Gross Cover Image of the Day #1:

My God in heaven, what is wrong with Betty and Veronica?!

Take a few moments to examine the cover. You'll get the gag right away— "Ha ha, Archie's out in the snow and these hot ladies are inside where it's nice and warm." Whatever.

But look, look, look at their bodies. Veronica looks like she's stitched together from three different people, her head, her body from the ribs up and her body from the ribs down are all three entirely different sizes. Betty looks a lot better, the benefit, perhaps, of being in the background, and her anatomy being a little more concealed by her seated position, but even she looks...off. Her hips are smaller than her head.

The image is by Dan Parent, whose artwork is generally fairly strong, in the abstracted, detail-light, Dan DeCarlo-inspired house style of Archie Comics. He's not a bad artist at all, but this is a pretty bad image of his.

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