Thursday, March 15, 2018

Comics Shop Comics: March 14th...I got nothing

Nothing. Nothing! Not even a single comic book! Sorry. So I've got nothing to fill this feature with this week, which is kind of too bad, as you may have noticed EDILW has gone from being daily-ish to weekly-ish, and this was generally the one post I would do every week. I've been working on something else that has been devouring the majority of my free time, and I've been spending my writing-about-comics time on occasional pieces for Good Comics For Kids, since that pays me money, and writing here doesn't help me buy food or keep a roof over my head. (Speaking of which, here's a super-long post about Black Panther comics; I'll probably return to the subject here on EDILW...someday?)

Scrutinizing the shipping list this week, I see that there were new issues of Gotham City Garage and Mister Miracle, but I'm trade-waiting those series, so I didn't pick up issues of either.

In a perfect world, where Marvel didn't charge 33% more than DC for 20-pages of content and I still read their comics serially, I would have bought All-New Wolverine, Avengers, Marvel Two-In-One, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, but ours is not a perfect world. So instead I'll buy the trades collecting all of those issues...except for Wolverine; that I'll read in a trade I borrow from the library.

I'm curious about Vampironica and Kong On The Planet of the Apes, the first of which launched this week and the latter of which is in-progress, but not so curious that I'd drop $4 on 20-page installments instead of wait for the trade.

So yeah, no new comics from the shop for Caleb this week, and thus no new content for EDILW readers today. Hopefully one of my in-progress posts will be ready soonish.

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