Thursday, May 21, 2009

A reminder for locals: Jeff Smith/Bone doc at the Wexner Center tomorrow night

Don't forget The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, Bone and the Changing Face of Comics is having its world premiere tomorrow night at The Wexner Center for the Arts' film/video theater (Will there be a red carpet? I hope so!). You can find more details about it here, and read my kinda sorta review-like piece about it on Blog@Newsarama here.

I unfortunately won't be in attendance, as I'll have to be at my day job, which is, on Fridays, actually an afternoon and early evening job. But you should be there, as not only is it a movie about Jeff Smith and Bone featuring interviews with Smith and Vijaya Iyer and Steve Hamaker of Cartoon Books as well as Paul Pope, Terry Moore, Scott McCloud, Harvey Pekar and Colleen Doran, but it's also one Columbus-y movie.

Yes, that's right, Columbus-y. How Columbus-y? Well, it includes:

—Footage of the McCloud/Smith conversation at Mershon Auditorium last May and the well-attended book-signing that followed in the hallway. Scan the crowd scenes, you may be there. (I think I saw SPACE's Bob Corby, but I'm not 100% sure)

—Plenty of screen time devoted to an interview with Lucy Shelton Caswell of OSU's cartoon library, who co-curated last year's Jeff Smith: Bone and Beyond show.

—A brief, cameo appearance by Columbus creators Tom Williams and Dara Naraghi (or else two guys who look remarkably like them and also know one another and are interested in comics). They're at the 3:50 mark, Panel fans!

—The back of my head and shoulders (At the 3:52 mark! That's me! And my favorite shirt!)

—A quote from my comic book dealer at the 4:16 mark (that's him in the preview up top saying, "Whether your eight or 80, there's something n this book for you")

—Several shots inside The Laughing Ogre, which, for those of you non-locals, is my local comic shop

—Examples of Smith and his partners' animation work from their Character Builders days, which include a 60-second opening for Jack Hanna's Super Safari show, two White Castle spots and mascot/superhero Warner Cable Man


Jacob said...

There's one thing I've always been curious about. What is your day job?

p0w said...

That's Lloyd from the Ogre in the trailer and my son is the kid at the 15 second mark. "I've read it like... 9 times. It never gets old." Needless to say, he's very psyched for the movie tonight.

Tracer Bullet said...

When I was at OU, there used to a free humor newspaper I picked up at the comic book store. The Laughing Ogre had great ads. I liked them so much that I insisted on going there whenever I was in Columbus.

I swear that story had a point when I thought of it.

Caleb said...


Ha ha! I've always been careful not to say, which is why you don't know. I work part-time at a local library as a library assitant (which is kinda like a librarian, but without a master's in library science/information science).