Sunday, October 11, 2009

Terribly important follow-up post

Last week, I spent a few paragraphs talking about the odd announcement that DC's Executive Editor Dan DiDio would be taking over DC's floundering Outsiders title with current Batman and Robin artist Philip Tan. At the time, DC released a rather hard to make-out pencil version of the first cover of their upcoming run, showing two unidentifiable figures shaking hands. At the time, my best guesses as to their identity were a caveman with a bad haircut wearing Geo-Force's costume and maybe a poorly drawn Steel.

DC has since released the final, color version of it, and it's still a difficult to read image—presumably on purpose, to obscure the identity of the new recruit—but it seems that the figure on the left if indeed Geo-Force, and the figure on the right is not Steel.

If not, then who is it? My best guess would be The Eradicator, who briefly lead the team during the short-lived, early '90s incarnation of the title, in some sort of new costume (How early '90s was that incarnation of Outsiders? It launched with two versions of the first title, with variant interiors as well as covers, labeled Outsiders #1 Alpha and Outsiders #1 Omega. I make fun, but I did enjoy that title at the time, more so than the the volumes of Outsiders to launch this decade. I liked that one guy who was basically just a bear wearing blue underpants...Wyled with a Y, I think his name was...).

In other DC Comics cover news, in January, Tony Daniel is apparently going to have Batman fight Spawn once again. I do like his use of power lines in the background though...


Jeremy H said...

1. Oof, that Eradicator costume from the 90s is dreadful.

2. What makes you so sure it isn't Steel?

Caleb said...

2. What makes you so sure it isn't Steel?

It looks like the figure's wearing spandex, and that the field behind the red S is black. I suppose could just be drawing armor that looks like it's made out of the exact same material as spandex, but I would hope he knows better.

Additionally, I think I detect a hint of hair.

And, of course, Eradicator would be less completely out of left field than Steel would be (On the other hand, isn't Eradicator dead...? I's hard to keep up anymore).

Kevin Huxford said...

Since the Eradicator was originally created by some sort of Kryptonian device, I think, there could always be a new iteration of the character.

I still think it can be Steel, though.

And when did Geo-Force start wearing pouches like that? I originally guessed it was him...then saw the pouches and said I must be wrong.

Jeremy H said...

Looking at that pic again, it doesn't really look like they're shaking hands, does it? More like someone's about to declare a thumb war.