Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A quick note on EDILW updating this week:

Hey gang. I think I'm taking a bit of a reverse vacation over the course of the next few days (That is, I'm not going anywhere, but I'll have a guest visiting from out of town). I probably won't be able to be a responsible host and blog about comics here at the same time, so I just wanted to post something to preemptively explain why I might not update until Thursday-ish or Friday-ish. I've just read a stack of graphic novels, so I have a bunch of stuff to review, so maybe I'll double-post for a few days later in the week to make up for letting EDILW lie fallow for a bit.

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Anonymous said...

that's okay - you deserve a staycation - probably more like an imposition w/ people coming vacationing at your house... either way - have fun!