Thursday, May 06, 2010

Congratulations, Justiniano

Above is the cover of Reign In Hell #6 of Justiniano. The artist is to be commended for his ability to pack the phallic imagery in, with a veritable cornucopia of traditional phallic symbols—sword, spear, staff, spikes, horns.

But it takes a special talent to go the extra mile and just cold draw a golden monster penis atop the tip of a staff, and then carefully position the same staff so that it is emanating from the crotch of both of the characters on the cover, so they both have symbolic erect penises, depending on whose crotch you focus on.
Bonus points for positioning Blaze's hand at the base of Satanus' golden monster penis!


Hdefined said...

. . . okay, Caleb, this is the one time you've got a point about penis imagery in comics. And that really is quite impressive, using one staff for two penises.

Now stop noticing penis imagery in comics, Caleb.

tomorrowboy 2.6 said...

If you want phalluses in your comics you should read Orc Stain.