Sunday, May 09, 2010

I'm beginning to think I'll just plain never get used to the fact that Batman: The Brave and The Bold even exists.

You guys, there is a television show that actually exists in this, the real world, in which Batman, Detective Chimp,B'wana Beast and Vixen all team-up to defeat Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah and The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City and their invasion force of mind-controlled, machine gun-wielding gorillas.

And that is not even the craziest part of the episode, seeing as how the very same episode begins with a scene of The Spectre using his God-given ghost powers to turn an evil scientist into living cheese in order to entice a bunch of rats to eat him alive. And at the climax, B'wana Beast uses his weird-ass powers to...well, I don't want to spoil it, God, this fucking show.


Liberty and In Dependence said...

Brave and the Bold makes comics fun again. I literally got chills when Jonah Hex made a cameo. That is good stuff that I can share with my eight year old son.

Anonymous said...

I've been a comics nut for 30 years and I'm happy to say that this show fills me with utter delight. And my four-year-old daughter adores it too (especially the Music Meister episode, which we could watch together again and again FOREVER).

On the downside, I work in a bookshop and it depresses me whenever someone under the age of, say, 10 comes to look at the graphic novels department because they've discovered DC characters through the show (or through re-runs of the animated Superman or Batman or Justice League series). Outside of the Johnny DC B&TB title there's nothing I can offer safe in the knowledge that there won't be *some* element of death, rape, gratuitous titty shots or the like.

Would it really kill DC (or Marvel) to produce a line of premier character books that were just... clean and entertaining? I mean, thank the stars for BOOM! and what they produce, but there's something so primal about the appeal of a Superman or Wonder Woman. It's tragic that there's not more targeted for an audience who aren't in the market for sex and death.

Peter said...

Why haven't they put this out in a season DVD yet? It's like DC's bad decision making has started to infect other medium's uses of their characters.

Outburst said...

Let me finish your last sentence there.
"...this fucking show rocks!"

I honestly think this is the best superhero tv thing since Super Friends, and that's 25 years worth of content. Not saying it's better but I think in time, it will go down as a long-loved classic.

Robert in New Orleans said...

re: Chateau-Noir's comment, there is a comic book version of the show and I dig it, too. It's made me laugh and brings back that sense of wonder I had when I read silver age comics as a kid.