Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Quick question

You know how every once in a while DC will publish a story in which The Joker goes after some other villain for stealing his schtick, be it committing joke or clown-based crime, or using his Joker Venom or other tools and equipment, or using his name or otherwise impersonating him, or eve trying to kill Batman before he gets a chance to do so?

Well, the other day while I was panning through my Google Alerts for comics-related links to post in my linkblogging column for Blog@, I came across a slideshow of a goofy-looking superhero burlesque show on The Riverfront Times' website. And under a "more slideshows" menu on the far right of the Times' page, I saw a slideshow entitled "Insane Clown Posse Outdoor Concert (NSFW)". As I clicked through the images of people dressed up as evil clowns, some of them covered in fake blood, I found myself wondering why The Joker didn't ever go on a massive killing spree of Juggalos, which, if you are completely unfamiliar with this sub...culture (can I call it a culture), is how ICP fans refer to themselves.

Of course then I realized The Joker never attacked ICP or their Juggalo fans because he is, after all, not real. But then, why hasn't their been a comic book about The Joker committing—or at least attempting to commit—Juggalo genocide?

Does ICP, and thus their fans and followers, just not exist in the DCU? Are they beneath The Joker's contempt? Has no one ever pitched such a story to DC? Is the word "Juggalo" copyrighted, and DC doesn't want to do something "official" with these ICP folks? (I heard the word on an episode of Law and Order once, so I assume no one owns the word).

These are just the things one finds oneself thinking about if one's read too many Batman comics, I guess.


T Campbell... said...

Well, basically because the ICP are a musical group with a record label with lawyers. But, you know, change it to "Crazy Clown Cartel" and you've got something there.

Frère said...

I think Juggalo genocide would be called "Juggacide."

tomorrowboy 2.6 said...

ICP would probably be incredibly excited to be killed in a Batman comic.

Dave of Apocalypse said...

In an Arkham Asylum (the game) sense, I could see something like this happening. Then again, it could go either way: acolytes or fodder. Technically, the Wicked Clowns could've just been Joker pawns the whole time. (Their first 6 major albums were referred to as Joker's Cards.) ICP is like the most not-lawsuingest band out there. They were honored to be made fun of on SNL -- they're really just pretty stoked to get mentioned in things. While ICP would be excited to get killed in a comic, they wouldn't be near as excited as Jamie Madrox from Twiztid. As for me, I grew up in Michigan. :)