Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We now interrupt our regular comics coverage in order to present some niece placemat art...

At the last big family outing to a restaurant, Niece #1 filled her placemat with drawings of various family members as Lalaloopsies (if that's the correct spelling of the plural of Lalaloopsy), which are pretty much her favorite thing in the world at the moment (If you're not familiar with them, here's the website; they are a line of plastic dolls and collectable plastic figurines that are supposed to be rag dolls with button eyes come to life).

Above are her Lalaloosy-ized versions of, from left to right, her mom, her uncle (that's me!), her sister and her dad. Each Lala comes with an accessory or two and a stuffed-animal pet.

She gave me a book for an accessory, and asked me what kind of pet I wanted. I asked for a penguin, as my favorite stuffed-animal as a small child was Pengy, a stuffed penguin.

"There aren't really any bald Lalas," she said while drawing, "But we'll just have to make an exception for you.

And here are two more. These are my littlest sisters/her aunts, who also appeared as the models for some of the superheroes in a previous work of niece art you may remember.

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Akilles said...

The only reason you post these, is so that someone will write a "that`s so adorable"-comment, right? So here goes...

That`s so adorable!