Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I'm torn.

I don't think either the main Iron Man armor that Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark wears throughout Iron Man 3 (MK 44, I think he called it...?) or the Iron Patriot armor from the movie are particularly cool-looking, and I don't think these toy versions look all that cool either, what with their big, goofy toy weapons and chunky shoulder pads.

But I nevertheless think these Assemblers toys sound super-cool, and the idea of being able to buy a bunch of Iron Man toys that you can take apart and reassemble in something I would have really wanted to get in on if I were younger. Say, 8. Or 12. Or 18. Or 28.

Meanwhile, in DC comics last week, I saw this ad:
I can't help but notice a distinct lack of Stephen Amell's naked torso in it, which was the focus of the previous ads I've seen for it in my comics.

Come on, Arrow ad-makers: Less hood, more muscles. Don't you want anyone to watch the show...?


Akilles said...

I`d like to make the Iron man armor from Ultimates vol. 2.
Not that I`d have the skills to do so...

David said...

I think you missed the half-naked pull-ups scene in every episode. Or the fact that Katie Cassidy is ridiculously hot.

I think I'd like the Iron Man toys more if the colors matched from toy to toy. Putting a blue arm on a red body just seems weird. Mostly they look like the Lego Galidor toyline from about eight years ago, only not hideously ugly.

Seems to me there's a bunch of "mix and match parts" toylines over the years that were better in concept than execution. Best one was probably Xevoz, though that was harmed by trying to tie in a dumb game to the figures, and by absolutely abysmal distribution.