Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today at Robot 6 I have a review of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, a YA original graphic novel by newcomer Prudence Shen and already-here-er Faith Erin Hicks. It's really good.

The above page is probably my favorite of the book, in which head cheerleader Holly's hatred for Nate is so powerful that he can feel it emanating out of her head and reaching over and touching him. I'm fairly certain the project began its life as a prose novel, and its scenes like the one above that make me curious about how exactly they would have been written, given how well they work in the purely visual narrative structure that comics allow.

This is maybe my second favorite page, featuring Charlie and Nate:

In other Caleb-writing-about-comics links, this week at Good Comics For Kids I reviewed the latest of Papercutz' Smurfs reprints, The Smurflings, and their first volume of a new series reprinting another of Peyo's comics, Benny Breakiron: The Red Taxis. They're both good; the latter a bit more interesting just because it's Peyo doing non-Smurf work, and it's fun to see his style applied to human and automobiles and modern buildings and so on.

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Akilles said...

That`s a great page indeed.

The links for The Smurflings and Benny Breakiron are broken.