Saturday, May 11, 2013

The other day I came home from work to find this mysterious package in front of my apartment door.

It was about nine inches by 12 inches, and about four and a half inches deep.
The address label, trimmed in blue and white, bore the signature "Peyo."
And what's this...?
A coupla stamps reading "Belgique," which, I believe, is Belgian for "Belgium." And Belgium is, of course, the country that Pierre "Peyo" Cuilliford hailed from.

Oh my God! You could rather comfortable sit three or four things that are three apples high in a box of this size, provided they were laying down!

Did...did Peyo personally air mail me some real, live Smurfs?! Wouldn't that be awesome? Why--Oh wait, hold up. I don't see any air holes in this box at all. So now I sincerely hope it isn't full of real, live Smurfs, because by the time that package shipped from Belgium to Ohio, they would probably be real dead Smurfs.


Okay, actually there were some Smurfs comics inside, as well as the first volume of Papercutz's Benny Breakiron, the Smurfs publisher's translated and repackaged version of another series of Peyo comics.

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Akilles said...

What`s more, Peyo`s dead.