Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Did you know that Batman is so insecure about not having any superpowers...

...that he apparently labels his 45-pound weights as 500-pound weights, in order to trick children into thinking he's got the super-strength necessary to lift 2,000 pounds over his head?

That's the impression I get from this image, from the Ethen Beavers-drawn, Bill Wrecks-written DC Super Friends: Batman Little Golden Book. I recently picked up both it and its companion book Superman by the same team, and they are gorgeous-looking. The story's are no great shakes—I'd recommend Ralph Consentino's picture books about these two heroes over these Little Golden Books—but the artwork is pretty superb, and Beavers makes me like the big-foot Super Friends designs more than just about any other artist I've seen tackle them (excepting only J. Bone, I think).

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Eric TF Bat said...

I have a theory that the reason this sort of artwork emphasises the feet is so that Rob Liefeld will feel too intimidated to ever join them. A bit like including an eye test in the job interview to prevent Helen Keller from getting the job.