Thursday, April 17, 2008

Comics have been known to drive people to drink...

Tom Spurgeon’s last Five For Friday feature put out the call for “Five Characters From Comics That Should Have a Mixed Drink Named After Them,” stipulating that contributors must also come up with a recipe for one of them.

Check out the inspired, hilarious and occasionally tasty sounding results here.

I’m giving this particular link its own post just because it’s a topic of some interest to me—I tried to round-up all the pre-existing mixed drinks named for superheroes before—and this will make Spurgeon’s FFF results easier to find.

You might want to grab a cocktail napkin and scribble out the recipes for a Night Thrasher, Fool Killer, Crimson Dynamo and Mindless One for your next minor Marvel character-themed party.


SallyP said...

Wow! Some of these actually sound pretty good! And some of them, I wouldn't touch with a twelve and a half foot pole.

Anonymous said...

Did Tony ever throw up in his helmet?