Thursday, September 02, 2010

A couple of real quick links:

(Above: A panel from Seedless Vol. 1. One of my inexplicably favorite parts? That snake, whom I assume is named Ooo Sssnap Snake, and just cold slithers around hissing "Oooo Sssssnap!" whenever he sees something Oh Snap-able)

REAL QUICK LINK #1: It looks like Diamond and the direct market it serves have decided on the best course of reaction in terms of tinkering with new book distribution: Comics will arrive at comic shops on Tuesdays, but not go on sale until Wednesdays. In other words, things should change for retailers for the better for all of the obvious reasons associated with getting a big shipment of things to sort and rack prior to the customers who want to buy those very things arriving to do so, and for those of us in "the Wednesday crowd" nothing will change at all. Which is great, since we are all so change-adverse.

But, most importantly, I won't have to consider changing the name of my blog at all. Everybody wins! Hooray!

REAL QUICK LINK #2: I have a review of Corey S. Lewis' Seedless Vol. 1 up at Blog@Newsarama today, if you'd like to go read it. I'm not particularly happy with how the review turned out, which actually has quite a bit to do with how good Seedless is—there's so much going on that it's a somewhat frustrating book to try to talk about. (In fact, of all the comics I've read so far this year, only Cathy Malkasian's Temperance has given me more to think about, and eluded my critical graps teh way Lewis' work has).

In addition to Temperance, the other book Seedless reminded me most of was Jeffrey Brown's Incredible Change-Bots, in that it's a book that's sort of about nostalgia for particular childhood experiences and emotions; that is, while there are a ton of nostalgia-driven comic books available, Seedless and Change-Bots address the nostalgia itself, rather than the objects of the nostalgia.

Anyway, I sincerely hope a bunch of smart critics read and write about it, and that one of 'em is able to put their fingers on the qualities of it I could sort of sense, but had trouble pinning down exactly.

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