Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This is a long blog post about how I don't have a good blog post for today.

I have about a dozen or so blog posts for EDILW planned out—some are formal reviews, some are hastily-drawn comic strips and some are of the "Hey, look at this funny panel from an old comic! I have a dumb joke about it!" variety. Unfortunately, all of 'em need more time to put together than I ended up having to spare today, as I ended up spending a bit longer on a couple of drawing projects than I had intended to.

Sorry guys! In lieu of a real post then, I'm just going to post a bunch of images from my sketchbook which, in some cases here, aren't actually sketches from the pages of a book so much as drawings on the scraps of paper littering the floor around my drawing table and scanner.

First, one of the drawing projects I was working on today was a favor for a friend. She needed a drawing of herself for an arts-and-crafts project she's working on, and for some reason she decided she wanted it to be "Caleb style" (i.e. not all that well drawn). Since I ended up spending a lot of my creative energy and blogging time on that project today, I'm going to post the results here as blog fodder.

Here then are a bunch of drawings of the head of someone most of you don't know:

Here is a self-portrait:

Here are some sketches of my dog:

I should have some exciting-- Well, semi-exciting-- Er, mildly interesting publishing news to share with you all soon. I have a self-written, self-drawn and self-published comic at the printers right this moment (don't get too excited; it's terrible), and a second one that's about twenty-seven/twenty-eighths done at the moment (this one is much, much better, as I wrote and drew it all this summer, whereas the first one was done over the course of about eight years, and if you think my drawing skills leave a lot to be desired now, you shoulda seen 'em eight years ago).

Anyway, here's an actual thumbnail for Project #2: Please note that the narration box is just a nonsensical placeholder for the real narration box, which would be added in later. And the dog actually ends up being an entirely different breed. And in the final story, the dog's not chasing anyone.

Finally, this was the last round of figure-out-how-to-draw-something-before-putting-it-in-the-final-pages sketches I did for Project #2:

Spoiler warning! There's a girl with hair and a dress in the comic!

Okay, well that was tonight's non-post. Real blogging will resume tomorrow night, and I'll have some more detailed announcements about Comics Book #1 and Comic Book #2 later in the month.

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Randal said...

I totally know the girl in picture #3.