Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can't blog about comics; too busy reading comics

(And working a day job in order to earn money to spend on more comic books to read. And sleeping in order to be well-rested to work a day job in order to earn money to spend on more comic books to read).Hey gang. I just have a quick post about why I'm not posting a more substantive post tonight. I took a trip to the nearest comic shop (40 minutes round trip, damn it) yesterday for the first time in a few weeks, and came home with about 20 single issues. On my doorstep upon my return was a package from an online book dealer, containing seven graphic novels (one of which is well over 500 pages long). And, as if that weren't a towering enough To Read pile, one of my nieces gifted me the issue of Fantastic Four she got from Taco Bell as well.

That's a lot of comics, even for someone who's in regular training for marathon comics reading.

Anyway, the hours I blew reading comics the last few days, coupled with my day job and my intense, passionate love of sleeping that mandates a good eight hours a night of it have eaten up all my blogging time, so that I find myself incapable of saying much of anything of value tonight (I use the term "value" loosely, of course).

I should have a massive installment of Comic Shop Comics sometime this weekend here, and maybe discuss some of the trades throughout the next week (Holy crap you guys...Suicide Squad? It's like 100 times more awesome read in large doses in the correct order, rather than just reading random issues plucked form $1 back-issue bins every few years).

In the meantime, I have a review of the first three issues of Marvel's surprisingly good 5 Ronin series up at Blog@ you can read if you're hard up for Caleb-talking-about-comics content, and, um, I found an excuse to draw Goom at Blog@ on Tuesday afternoon and, uh, yeah, sorry, that's all I got.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to crash and dream about Captain Boomerang and Ronald Reagan and The Elric Brothers and the Smurfs, in whatever combination my subconscious sees fit to put them after too-long spent reading about them...

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Cully said...

If that's your 1st foray into Brat Pack, then prepare to be shocked and amazed. Rick Veitch is genius.