Friday, March 25, 2011

Green Arrow, possessive a-hole

Earth is under threat from a series of strange disasters, and so then-chairman of the Justice League Green Lantern Hal Jordan summons the rest of the League, and then splits them up into teams to investigate.

Black Canary and Green Arrow join Batman in the cockpit of the Bat-plane, where GA is a little annoyed that everyone's not paying attention to him: What are they thinking about, that's so much more interesting than how happy GA is to be flying a plane again?

Well, here's what's on Batman's mind: The two kissed briefly on the JLA satellite a few adventures ago, before "the slashing sword of guilt" caused them to break their embrace and apologize profusely to one another.

Once they land, Black Canary tries to have a semi-private word with Batman, which Green Arrow—who has no idea the two ever kissed, or that Batman once had something of a crush on Canary—freaks out:
Green Arrow gives them a whole three panels before he starts yelling at them:And, after all that, he still borrows Batman's plane.

Panels originally from 1971's Justice League of America #88, drawn by Dick Dillin and Joe Giella and written by Mike Friedrich, although the above were scanned from the 2011 collection Showcase Presents: Justice League of America Vol. 5, which is awesome and DC should totally keep publishing future volumes of it until they hit 1987's Justice League of America #261.

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SallyP said...

Oh yes, it's always about YOU, Ollie.

It's interesting, next to Oliver, Hal seems almost...normal.